How To Pack Your LCD Screens Well

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Great Strong Electronics Limited is a professional buyback company for phone parts. But some customers still have lots of worry when they are required to ship their broken screens to Hong Kong. One of the things they are most worried about is further damage in transit. Indeed, no one can guarantee your goods will be safe if there is no any package. But actually if you can pack your screens well according to our instructions, you may earn extra 10%-20% even more from your items.

Improper packing

The followings are the most common packing problems weve met so far. We always feel regrettable when we receive these kinds of package. Actually you just need to take about 15min to pack your screens, damage caused by transportation is almost close to zero.

A. Completely without packing

B. Up 4pcs screens are packed with a small piece of bubble wrap, the screens will be crushed by each other

C. Use too big box to hold the screens, which cause the shipping cost is higher than normal, because the shipping is calculated by box size instead of weight

D. The box is not hard and strong enough

Poor packing and good packing can make totally different result. In order to make more money from your broken LCD screens, please pack you screens according to following instructions. 

Firstly, Screens should be placed in plastic clam shells, white boxes, or place two screens in a bubble bag with glass facing each other

Secondly, please stack them in a box as shown

Thirdly, fill the empty areas of the box with packaging peanuts or padding. This will secure the screens and make sure they are not moving while in transit

Fourthly, use a hard box or make sure the screens arrive to us safely

At last, once you have finished packaging your box, make sure its taped together nicely to keep the box from opening at any time

By the way, some customers said they do not have enough bubble bags when they pack their screens. For this problem, we suggest you save and keep your bubble bags that is used to hold new screens. Then, when you need to sell your broken screens, you can use those bubble bags to pack them, of course you also can buy bubble bags in near supermarket.

After packing your broken screens well, please request prepaid shipping label on our website:, or ship your screens to us at the following address:


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