Tips to Recognize the Differences Between Original and Copy Screens

Tips to Recognize the Differences Between Original and Copy Screens

Many customers always ask one question when they buy new screens from the Great Strong--Whats the differences between original Apple screens and  high copy screens? As for this question, We decide to offer our customers some simple methods to recognize their differences.

“Original screens are those made officially for Apple. “Copy” screens are unofficial replacements designed and manufactured by third-party companies not associated with Apple.

The easiest way to tell the difference between an Original or copy screen is the presence of third party stamps or stickers. If there are third party stamps or stickers, this will identify the screen as Copy. If your screen does not have stamps or stickers, use the following identifiers to determine whether it's Original or Copy.

1. Original screens will have foam pads over the flex cables while copy screens will either have no pads or poorly placed pads.

 2. Test the flexibility of the flex cable is one of the ways to distinguish the Original flex cable. When you bend the flex cable, the OEM flex cable feels soft while for the copy one, it feels hard and solid. 

3. Original screens will typically have an Apple Logo on one or both flex cables while copy screens typically don't have a logo or the Apple logo is colored over with a sharpie marker.

4. There is a matte black sticker placed in the top left corner in Original screens while copy screens will have a glossy sticker or no sticker.

5. The connection place of original screen is golden and smooth, while there is a little red and rough in the connection place of copy screen.

Besides, copy screens are significantly cheaper than the original screens. And the quality of copy screens is greatly different from different suppliers even though the LCD brand is the same. For example, if you buy Tian Ma LCD screen from 3 suppliers, the quality is certain to be different. In addition, the copy screens are less stable than original screens in use.

So, is it worse to buy copy screens? it depends on what type of replacement you prefer to buy depending on the iPhone replacement cost you can afford and other factors. The copy screens also has good quality, you need spend time finding a good supplier and then constantly buy from this supplier. At least, this supplier can control the defective proportion as less as possible.

The Great Strong specializes in selling refurbished original screens, we will test our screens again and again before selling them to our customers. Therefore, there is almost no any problem when the customers receive and use our screens. In a word, it is important to choose a good supplier when you buy aftermarket screens.


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