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About us

Great Strong Electronics Limited is a Hong Kong based broken screen recycling and LCD acquisition company that aims to recycle broken, cracked, and damaged screens for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other smart phones. We have done this business from 2008 by traditional business. Our service is a lucrative channel for recycling mobile phone parts with a simple and easy online process.
We pay cash for(Bank Transfer) broken screens to mobile repair/fix shops/ store and other vendors. We specialize in LCD buying back; ensuring all cracked touch screens are properly recycled as per environmental standards designed to reduce e-waste.
Great Strong Electronics Limited operates out of Hong Kong, but serves many regions across Europe and America . Shipping services are provided to make it simple for you to send your broken screens in exchange for cash. Also, we will pay back the shipping money to you, too. Our mission is to recycle your mobile phone business an additional source of income. However, let us protect our beautiful homeland.


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